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Result of SATST & ESSAY COMPETITION, 2023 has been declared on 13th December, 2023 and that of SPO, 2023 on 31st January, 2024.

On 24th September, 2023 All India Science Teachers’ Association, West Bengal (AISTA,WB) conducted Science Aptitude & Talent Search Test (SATST) and Essay

Competition for the students of West Bengal. AISTA,WB also conducted Science Pre Olympiad (SPO) on 17th December, 2023.

Result of SATST (1st to 5th rank only), ESSAY

COMPETITION (Topper, only) & SPO (A+ Rank holders, only) in the STATE LEVEL is given below:


Result of SATST, 2023 (1st to 5th Rank, only) 

1st Abhinandan Pradhan. Santipur S Sikshayatan. MID-11D 
2nd Anuska Mandal. Jnanendra Sishu Vidyamandir. PGS-27. 
3rd Milan Malik. Ideal Institute of Janai. HOO-08. 
3rd Deepannita Das. Kakali Primary School. KOL-38. 
4th Arjama Ghosh. Kakali Primary School. KOL-38. 
4th Sreoshi Guha. Kakali Primary School. KOL-38. 
4th Asmi Mondal. Kakali Primary School. KOL-38. 
4th Arunava Nath. Harinavi ASFP School. PGS-39 
4th Samreddho Chakraborty. NewAlipur Multipurpose School KOL-30.
5th Rupsa Halder. Jnanendra Sishu Vidyamandir. PGS-27.
1st Adhaya Malik. Dakshin Khila Narikelberia Primary School HOW-03.
1st Anudeepta Khan. Barbahanpota Pallipran Primary School MID-32C.
2nd Adrija Ghora. Uttar Gobindanagar School. MID-38.
3rd Adarsha Sain. Kotulpur Educare Pre-primary & Primary School. BNK-01.
3rd Soumik Saha. P J B School. PGN-11.
3rd Ahaana Baital. Kakali Primary School. KOL-38.
4th Alekhya Ghosh. Jadavpur Vidyapith. KOL-05.
5th Subhrajit Jana. Chalantik Nursery & K.G. PGS-10.
5th Smarto Das. P N KG School. PGN-11.
1st Shreyan Mondal. RKM Vidyalaya, Nrendrapur. PGS-19.
1st Aishiki Gantait. Purba Chilka Lalchand High School MID-33.
2nd Mayukh Polley. Howrah Zilla School. HOW-03
3rd Sachin Dey. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur PGS-19.
3rd Kusumita Das. Anara Girls’ High School Purulia. PUR-01.
3rd Sohan Dutta. T S Sanatan High School. PGS-16.
4th Koustav Dey. Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan. PGN-02.
5th Soumendu Pandit. KTPP High School. MID-02.
5th Samriddhi Porey KTPP High School. MID-02.
1st Shubham Sinha. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
1st Arjes Bhunia. Khukurdaha ICMM High School MID-38.
2nd Diptiman Mahata. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
2nd Ayantik Das. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
3rd Ushnik Ghosh Dastidar RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Srijan Saha. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Mukul Chandra Mondal. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Anumitra Ghosh. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Ritayan Roy. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Sreejit Gayen. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Adriraj Chakraborty. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
4th Supratim Gayen. Bishnupur High School,Bankura BNK-02.
5th Shantamit Sarkar. New Alipur Multipurpose School. KOL-30.
1st Shankhadeep Maji. KTPP High School. MID-02.
2nd Farhan Khan. KTPP High School. MID-02.
3rd Soumabha Khatua. KTPP High School. MID-11C.
4th Rajarshi Chowdhury. Jalpaiguri Zilla School. JAL-03.
4th Avibrato Dey. Jalpaiguri Zilla School. JAL-03.
4th Prachir Saren. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
5th Monojit Pradhan. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
1st Aniket Sil. Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan. PGN-02 
2nd Riddhiman Maity. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19. 
2nd Soumyajit Banerjee. Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan. PGN-02 
3rd Shuvayswarya Rano. B. M High School. MUR-03. 
3rd Tufan Dey. Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan. PGN-02 
4th Arghadeep Roy. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19. 
5th Apratim Misra. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19. 
5th Syamantak Kundu. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19. 
5th Sayan Saha. Naihati Narendra Vidyaniketan. PGN-02 
5th Ayan Basak. Bishnupur High School, Nadia. NAD-11. 
1st Abhrodeep Mondal. Sarada Vidyapith (H.S) PGS-35.
2nd Dipayan Mondal. Sarada Vidyapith (H.S) PGS-35.
3rd Anurup Chakraborty. Sarada Vidyapith (H.S) PGS-35.
4th Solanki Saha. Sri Sarada Ashrama Balika Vidyalaya. KOL-30.
5th Dibyayan Mondal. RKM Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. PGS-19.
1st Soumik Ghosh. Prafullanagar Vidyamandir. PGN-11.
2nd Shobhan Datta. Prafullanagar Vidyamandir. PGN-11.
3rd Swarnendu Chattopadhyay Belgharia High School. PGN-03
4th Sohel Shaikh. Mosodda High School. MUR-05.
4th Manami Mondal. UGMK Girls’ High School, Asansol BUR-07.
4th Debajit Sarkar. Jalpiguri Zilla School. JAL-03
4th Poulastya Chakraborty. Jalpaiguri Zilla School JAL-03
4th Jayostu Modak. Jalpaiguri Zilla School JAL-03
4th Ananyo Kar. Jalpaiguri Zilla School JAL-03

SPO, 2023 (A+ grade holders, only)

1st Aishi Dutta. Malpar Vivekananda Shikshaniketan MID-36.
2nd Abhi Bera. Malpar Vivekananda Shikshaniketan MID-36.
1st Soumya Bhunia Ruinan High School. MID-36
2nd Mayukh Paul. Mahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram HOO-09.
1st Tathagata Sarkar. Mahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram HOO-09.
1st Riddhi Das Adhikari. Malpar Vivekananda Shikshaniketan MID-36.
2nd Srishti Hazra. Sri Ritam Vidyapith. KOL-09.


ESSAY COMPETITION, 2023(Toppers, only)

Class Name of Topper  Name of School. Code
V Indrakshi Samanta. KTPP High School. MID-02.
VI Abantika Haldar A P Nagar A K Roy Vidyayatan for Girls High School. PGS-35.
VII Anumegha Banerjee. St. John’s Diocesan Girls’ Higher Secondary School. KOL-06.
VIII Bivabari Bhattacharjee. Sarada Vidyapith. PGS-35.
IX Pratyusha Ghosh. KTPP High School. MID-02.
X Raj Mondal. Narayanpur Haricharan Tarafdar High School(H.S) PGN-10.
XII Evia Chakravarti KTPP High School. MID-02.



            A+ grade

            A grade

            B grade


     53 & above

     45 - 52

     35 - 44


     55 & above

     48 - 54

     37 - 47


     47 & above

     38 - 46

     29 - 37


     49 & above

     41 - 48

     33 - 40


     82 & above

     67 - 81

     50 - 66


     91 & above

     78 - 90

     61 - 77


     89 & above

     77 - 88

     61 - 76


     91 & above

     81 - 91

     63 -80















Opening of new centre and organizing tests :

The institutions/centers willing to hold the above tests and competitions may contact the General Secretary, AISTA, WB before the summer vacation of the schools, collect stationary and subsequently send their requisitions by 1st week of July. Conveners of centers are provided with necessary financial assistance to meet the expenses in connection with the above tests and competition, TA and giving away prizes.

Fees : (Membership) Individual Institutional
Life Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 2,000.00
Annual Rs. 100.00 Rs. 200.00

People intending to be a life member of All India Science Teacher's Association,West Bengal will have to fill in the Membership form given in the website and send it by mail. The membership fee of Rs 1000/- is to be sent by NEFT to the following Bank:



S.B A/C No.


IFSC.BARBHOWAN(5th character is zero)

MICR CODE: 700012005



Name: United Bank of India (Punjab National Bank)

Account No. : 0315011022197

IFSC: PUNB0031520

Account Holder's Name: All India Science Teachers Association, West Bengal



The Headmaster/Headmistress



Sir/Madam, ------------------------------------------------------------




As in previous years, All India Science Teachers' Association, West Bengal is organising -

1) Science Aptitude and Talent Search Test (SATST) for Classes lll to X; 2) Preparatory Test for Entrance Examinations (PTEE) for Glass XII; 3) Preparatory Test for Science Olympiad for Classes VII and VIII (PTSO); 4) Essay Competition on Science for Classes III to XI at different centers of West Bengal. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Seal and address


Programme of Examination:
Test Classes Time Examination Fee + Centre Fee
Science Aptitude and Talent Search Test III, IV, V & VI 10-00 a.m. to 11-45 a.m. Rs. 40/- + Rs. 10/-
Do VII, VIII, IX & X 1-30 p.m. to 4-00 p.m Rs. 50/- + Rs. 10/-
Preparatory Test for Entrance Examination 1) XII- Physics & Chemistry 2) Xll- Biology 10-00 a.m. to 12-00 a.m.
1-30 p.m. to 3-30 p.m.
Rs. 100/- + Rs. 10/-
Rs. 100/- + Rs. 10/-
Preparatory Test for Science Olympiad on Science and Mathematics VII, VIII 10-00 a.m. to 12-00 a.m.

Rs. 100/- + Rs. 20/- 

Date of Next Annual Conferance :
Venue :
Programme of Essay Competition -
Classes Time Examination Fee + Centre Fee
III to XI 12-15 p.m. to 1-00 p.m. Rs. 30/-
  • For Science Aptitude and Talent Search Test,  Objective type of questions on Science and Mathematics, both in English and Bengali versions will be set. Each question will be followed by four probable answers from which the correct or the best answer/answers is/are to be chosen.
  • For opening new centres for holding examination intending authorities are requested to contact the General Secretary, All India Science Teachers' Association, West Bengal. (Mob. : 09433772964)
  • Conveners of different centres will get 20% of examination fees and entire amount of centre fees to conduct examinations. Conveners of districts other than Kolkata will get an additional amount of 20% of examination fees to give away prizes to. the candidates who will perform better in different tests. AISTA will arrange the programme of prize distribution for the students of Kolkata.
  • Conveners will get our publications at discounted rates.
  • Students intending to appear in these tests at the Centre, Ramrick Institution, 20, Justice Dwarkanath Road, Kolkata- 700 020 may get their Admit Cards by paying fees in this examination centre, or in the office of All India Science Teachers' Association, West Bengal.
  • For SATST : In the question paper of each class, last 25% of the syllabus of Science and Mathematics of the previous class and first 75% of the syllabus of Science and Mathematics of the present class will be included.
  • For PTEE : Physics and Chemistry : The syllabus of West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination. Biology : The syllabus of NEET.
  • For PTSO : The syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Classes VII and VIII.
Quiz Contest on Science and Mathematics-
  • First Group: Class V to VI
  • Second Group: Class VII & VIII
  • Third Group: Class XI & X
  • Fourth Group: Class XI & XII
  • *Two students for each group may participate from a school.
All India Science Teachers' Association, West Bengal publishes :
  • (1) Vigyan Jigyasa in Bengali for Class-III-VI,
  • (2) Books of questions and answers on Science and Mathematics for Classes III to X.
  • (3) Quiz Quest e Paribesh,
  • (4) Question papers of SATST/PTEE/PTSO of past years.
These Publications are available at :
  • (1) All India Science Teachers' Association, West Bengal - 25/1, Chandranath Chatterjee Street, Kolkata-25
  • (2) BIBARTAN - 16, Nabin Kundu Lane, Kolkata - 700 009, Phone : 9883168027 / 9883168083
  • (3) KALIMATA BOOK STALL - 5, Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata - 700 073, Phone : (033) 2241 5838
  • (4) DEY'S PUBLISHING, 13 Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata-700073 - Phone (033) 22412330 / 22197920
For Further Information, Kindly Contact :
  • (1) Dr. Kamal Krishna De, President (9433244879) 
  • (2) Dr. Debabrata Majumdar, Vice President (8240677405) 
  • (3) Banabihari Patra, Vice President (9433772964) 
  • (4) Debasish De, Vice President (9830365293) 
  • (5) Dr. Partha Karmakar, General Secretary (7001345321) 
  • (6) Sima Nayak, Joint Secretary (8697536125) 
  • (7) Ritabrata Ray, Treasurer (9831069718) 
  • (8) Asim Kumar Dey, Member (9434244074)
  • (9) Keshab Das Pradhan, Member (9903607769)
  • (10) Smt. Subhra Mukherjee Member (8420627217)
  • (11) Smt. Sutapa Biswas, Member (9903796825)
  • (12) Mr. Sibendu De, Member (7980297851)
  • (13)  Amita Ghosh, Member (8240787849) 
  • (14) Shikha Mukherjee, Member (9874116898)
  • (15) Swapna Chakraborty, Member (9331058189)